Informational Text & Reports

Mentor Texts:

  • I am Latvia by a Middle-School Student – “The author’s approach to this report is fresh and original; speaking as the country makes the paper very readable.”
  • Mir Pushed the Frontier of Space by a Middle-School Student – “This report is clearly focused around a specific thesis. It is evident from the writer’s voice that he is interested in and knowledgeable about the topic.”
  • The Aloha State by a Middle-School Student – “The details in this report are presented in an organized manner, and the writer’s strong feelings for Hawaii come through in her writing voice.”
  • The Killer Bean by a High-School Student – “This report is timely, revealing, and engaging; it flows smoothly with effective transitions between paragraphs. The author has clearly gained a thorough understanding of the subject.”

Other Resources:

  • Coming Soon