Fiction – Dystopian & Science Fiction

Mentor Texts:

  • The World We Know by Sarah B., Age 17 (Dystopian Fiction)- An unsettling piece about a society that only accepts perfection. A great example of Third Person, Omniscient point of view and casual voice.
  • Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut (Dystopian Science Fiction)- In this dark, bizarre short story, all citizens have been made equal. But at what cost? Keep an eye out for Vonnegut’s use of symbolism.
  • A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury (Science Fiction)- In this short story, set in the future, a company offers the chance to travel back in time for unique safari hunting experiences. A dark, edgy story.
  • The Lottery by Shirley Jackson (Dystopian)- In this dark, Hunger Games-esque story, a town participates in an annual ritual.
  • The Veldt by Ray Bradbury (Dystopian Science Fiction)- In this short story, Mr. and Mrs. Hadley become concerned when the realize how important the machines of their futuristic home are to their children. Written in 1950, the story is an eerily accurate portrayal of how dependent people would become on technology, and the psychological dangers of this addiction. A great example of an open ending where the reader has to infer what happened.
  • All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury (Science Fiction)- Bradbury is a master of edgy, harsh science fiction and dystopian stories that usually lack happy, conclusive endings. In this story, Bradbury tells of a group of children living on the planet Venus and eagerly awaiting the arrival of a special event.
  • They’re Made Out of Meat by Terry Bisson (Humorous Science Fiction)- A fantastic example of a light-hearted science fiction story where the humor is created by challenging the reader’s perspective. Two aliens discuss whether they should welcome foreign beings from a planet called ‘Earth.’

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