Blog Posts

Genre Overview:


Start a blog on a particular subject, theme, or genre and update regularly with new, related posts that entertain, persuade, or inform your readers.


Depending on the subject, theme, or genre of your blog:

  • To inform your readers about a subject or topic of interest to you (a history of how common items were invented)
  • To teach your readers how to do something (your best recipes and tips for baking breads and pastries)
  • To update your readers on current events related to the subject of your blog (music reviews of newly-released punk rock albums; following the happenings of a particular celebrity; current political events)
  • To share your beliefs and opinions on issues (to advocate for equal rights for LGBT+ individuals and examine issues affecting this community)
  • To share entertaining things that happen in your life (a blog following the average life of a middle-school student)
  • To offer advice to your readers on common life issues (also known as lifestyle blogs; advice by middle-schoolers for middle-schoolers)
  • To persuade your readers on issues you care about (political blogs and activism blogs; articles, editorials, petitions, and videos where you attempt to persuade your readers to take a stand against pollution or climate change)
  • To collect and synthesize the works of others on a particular theme or genre and provide commentary (the best new horror stories and art from around the internet, along with your explanation of why these pieces are great)
    • You have to be super careful with this type of blog to not plagiarize and make sure that you cite all your sources. It is also considered best practice to ask the author or artist’s permission before sharing their work on your blog. If you are interested in this type of blog, set up a conference with me to discuss what this should look like!


  • Anyone on the internet who might be interested in your subject, theme, or genre
  • Social media – a great way to build an audience (for safety, please do not just seek out random strangers- ask your known family and friends to share your work and build from there)
  • Friendly internet reminder – When publishing anything to the internet, NEVER post ANY identifying information about yourself: your school, your town, your phone or address, your social media accounts, names of your sports teams, friends’ first and last names, pictures of you and your friends that include your face, or any other specific, personal information that a stranger could use to find you. It might be best to use fake names to protect the identities of the people you are writing about. Keep yourself and your friends safe!


  • Informal, casual, conversational style and tone
  • Mixed media – text, photos, videos, links to other sites
  • Usually only a few paragraphs in a post (somewhere between 3 and 7)
  • Blog posts all relate to the same theme, genre, or subject
    • A blog about rap music should not include posts about baking cookies or what happened at school today
  • If you mention, reference, use, or in any way include work from others that you did not create, you must ALWAYS cite your sources
  • Update with new posts regularly; usually at least once a week or twice a month, though some bloggers post daily. Make a calendar of when you plan to post and what the post will be about to help you stay on track.
  • Audience interaction – unlike many other forms of writing you might do in this class, blogs can include an element of audience interaction as people comment on your posts. Plan to spend a bit of time each week checking and responding to comments on your blog posts.

Ways to Get Started:

  • Pick a topic you are passionate about, and make sure it is one that can sustain ongoing writing over time. For example, you might be passionate about the making and eating of tacos, but after the first 5-7 blog posts you will inevitably run out of new content to write about.

Common Ways to Publish:

  • EduBlogs is a great resource to set up a blog! Talk to the teacher about setting up an EduBlogs account!

Mentor Texts:

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Other Resources:

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